How to grow and care for geraniums.

What to do at this time for geraniums? All it takes is a few small steps.

Geraniums are very common and well-loved flowers because they have brightly colored blooms and lend themselves to growing in pots to beautify balconies and terraces.

Spring, in particular, is a crucial season for these plants, as a number of operations need to be carried out in order to enjoy the bloom in the coming months.

So let’s see what to do and how to care for geraniums.

Pruning: if you already have geraniums at home, this season is crucial to clean them up. So remove old branches and do an initial pruning.
Fertilizing: spring is also the time to start fertilizing geraniums again. Always prefer organic compounds.

Outdoors: if temperatures have risen sufficiently, you can take geraniums outside. But beware of night frosts: if temperatures drop significantly, the plant may suffer.
Water: since geranium is a plant that needs a lot of water, it is important to water it regularly, when the soil is not completely dry.
Light: the geranium is a plant that loves direct light, which is why it lends itself to typical balcony planters. For this reason, make sure it is not in an area that is too shady.