How to grow and flower turmeric in pots

Turmeric   is a super spice widely used in Asian gastronomy and which has more than 600 therapeutic properties, such as being antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory .

This spice can be consumed in a myriad of different ways, added to dishes or used to prepare infusions and herbal teas. However, it comes at a fairly high cost which is why  growing turmeric at home  could be a great idea.

How to grow turmeric in pots

Turmeric  is grown from rhizomes  (root cuttings), and is not propagated through seeds. You only need turmeric root, the same one you find on sale in supermarkets.

To  grow turmeric at home  follow these very simple steps:

  1. Break the larger rhizome into a small piece that has one or two shoots.
  2. Fill pots with slightly moist, well-draining organic potting soil.
  3. Place the rhizome about 4-5 cm deep, with the shoots facing upwards.
  4. Water.

Water the turmeric

Turmeric needs  constantly moist soil , especially during the warmer, drier months. Water once every 2 days or use a spray bottle to wet the soil daily.

During the cold months you can reduce the frequency, but make sure you never have completely dry or too wet soil.

Harvest pot-grown turmeric

Turmeric takes about 8-10 months for the edible rhizomes to fully mature. After producing beautiful flowers, turmeric can be harvested all at once and when it is sufficiently ripe.

To do this, simply remove the rhizome from the soil. Save a few pieces for the following season.