How to grow seedlings by placing apple seeds in the refrigerator?


The apple occupies a prominent place among the most popular fruits in the world. You can bite apples or prepare delicious dishes with them. Apple cores are often discarded. However, when you put them in the refrigerator you will see that they have real use.

In this article, you will learn how to grow your own seedlings using apple seeds. Soon you will be able to see some plants growing in your kitchen thanks to this trick.

A convenient way to grow a seedling in your refrigerator.
The first step is to take an apple and cut it in half to carefully remove the core. The next step is to cut the green beans in half with a knife. Then place the beans on a tray previously lined with damp absorbent paper.

Place the tray in the refrigerator. Take the time you need over the next ten days to observe the seeds: little by little they will form small roots. Once they are fully established, you can remove the seedlings from the refrigerator.

Fill several pots with soil and make a small hole in the center of each pot. Place a seed in each, being careful not to touch the roots with your fingers. You can use tweezers for this.

Remember to cover the seeds with soil before watering to keep them nice and moist. You can then choose the location of your vase. However, avoid direct sunlight.

Water your plant regularly and wait. At the end of the first month you should consider moving it to a much larger pot due to the size of the plant.