How to grow strawberries all year round at home?

If you are a gourmet and love the taste qualities of strawberries, here is a tip for growing them all year round. You can grow your own strawberries and have fun harvesting them. We have found a solution to plant strawberries and have them all year round.

Thanks to this trick, you can save money and treat yourself by eating your strawberries sprinkled with sugar or whipped cream.

What’s the trick to growing strawberries all year round?

grow strawberries

Strawberry cultivation – Source: spm

If you’ve ever wanted to grow   your own strawberries   and eat them all year round, we have the solution for you. Especially since they are usually sold at exorbitant prices in the market due to the high demand for strawberries. The best way to have good, juicy strawberries is to grow them in a greenhouse.

How to plant strawberries in greenhouse soil?

grow strawberries underground

Growing strawberries in greenhouse soil – Source: spm

Planting strawberries in greenhouse soil is the most practical solution for harvesting strawberries all year round. For example, if you plant strawberry plants in December, you can harvest them from March to November until the first frost. Strawberry plants should be planted in   an optimal location.  Strawberry perennials   like acidic to neutral soils rich in humus and organic matter and prefer permeable soils. Strawberries also like soils rich in fertilizers and clay with a moderate climate. For   optimal flowering  strawberries, it is important to install drip lines with water and fertilizers to meet the needs of the strawberries. Strawberries also need a lot of light. There are different ways to grow a strawberry plantation in a greenhouse. You can plant strawberries in the ground or above ground to save space.

How to grow strawberries above ground in a greenhouse?

grow strawberries above ground

Strawberry plants above ground in a greenhouse – Source: spm

To grow strawberries in an above-ground greenhouse,   you should plant the strawberry plants in bags of potting soil and coconut fiber and pine bark mixes. Strawberries can be placed in pots on gutters two meters above the ground and should then be watered regularly because   strawberries are often   thirsty. When you grow strawberries in a greenhouse, the plants can bear fruit all year round if well cared for. Different varieties of photoperiod-insensitive strawberries can flower throughout the year without interruption. For strawberries to bear fruit, they must be grown at a temperature between 10 and 13°C at night and between 18 and 22°C during the day.

How to harvest and store strawberries in a greenhouse?

There are many varieties of strawberries and depending on their characteristics they can be harvested from May to the end of July. To harvest the first strawberries, they must be picked early in the morning after the first dew. To pick them, simply gently pull on their stems, being careful not to damage them. When ripe, strawberries do not have an unlimited shelf life. For good conservation, store them in your refrigerator or freezer. You can take them out to eat raw or processed using different cooking recipes.

Among the best varieties of strawberries to grow are the Gariguette, the Ciflorette, the Charlotte or even the Mara des bois. To have very sweet and tasty strawberries, let your strawberry plant absorb all the light.