How to hang out clothes so as not to ruin them and not have to iron them

If you have little free time or don’t like ironing clothes , you will probably have wondered if there is any way to have perfect clothes while avoiding this boring and time-consuming household chore. Ironing clothes “steals” a lot of our time, but there are tricks that allow us to iron less, or not at all .

In this article we list some tricks on how to wash and hang out clothes so you don’t have to iron them and avoid ruining them. These are simple measures that can save us a lot of time.

Anti-wrinkle wash

If you want to iron less, it all starts when you wash your clothes. Don’t overfill the washer, otherwise your clothes will have little room to move. You should also avoid doing an aggressive spin cycle, as it can cause creases to appear.

Separate your laundry

When you put your laundry in the washing machine, separate it properly. Place lighter fabrics on one side and heavier fabrics, such as towels, on the other. This will prevent creases from appearing on lighter fabrics.

Do not wash towels and sheets together with small items

Washing sheets and towels separately is important to prevent creases from appearing on smaller items. Leaders will have more room to move and will receive less pressure.

How to hang out clothes so you don’t have to iron them

Once washing is complete, hang out the clothes immediately. Shake it, stretch it and hang it on hangers. You will see how the creases will magically disappear.

Shake the cloths and hang them out, trying to stretch them as much as possible, placing pliers on the seams to avoid annoying marks. Plastic pliers leave fewer marks.

Once dry, collect and fold the laundry, avoiding leaving it hanging for too long.