How to keep your house cool in summer: 10 tips and tricks

When the hottest days of the year arrive, we always try to   protect ourselves from the heat   inside our homes. But that’s not always possible: sometimes our homes are so hot that they are even worse than open spaces.

Although air conditioning is the quickest solution to this problem, not everyone has it or wants to have it on all the time.

Therefore, we offer you some tricks and tips to   keep your house cool on the hottest days   , without necessarily having to resort to fans or air conditioning.

1. Air out the house in the morning

This operation is very important not only to allow air exchange, to avoid bad odors and the formation of mold, but it is a phenomenal trick to keep the air inside our homes fresh.

The reason is simple: in the morning temperatures are lower, so it is the best time to ventilate the house and allow fresh air to enter. Leave the windows open for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

2. Close the blinds

As obvious as it may seem, it is important to close the blinds on balconies and windows to prevent heat (not light) from entering through them.

In addition to keeping the air cooler, this trick allows us to save on air conditioning, since the environment will heat up less.

3. Insulate windows

The insulation of windows is associated with winter, since it is done solely to prevent the cold from entering through the cracks. However, heat can also enter and it is important to insulate the windows even in summer.

If you can’t put up awnings that block the sun’s rays, you can put up thick, wide curtains in a heat-repellent color like white or gray.

4. Avoid turning on the lights

Blinds drawn, visibility decreases, but it is important to avoid turning on the lights, which can still heat the room.

If you cannot install LED bulbs, which heat up much less, try letting some light pass through the blinds.

5. Change the sheets

Changing sheets once a week is essential to maintain good personal hygiene.

But the reason is also related to heat: clean sheets are usually cooler and therefore guarantee better sleep.

6. Put other plants

Plants give color and freshness to our homes. Some of them can even refresh the air in the house: this is the case of the areca, the dracaena and the phalanx.

Don’t forget to water the plants well, it is essential for them to help cool the house.

7. Use fans

They consume much less than air conditioning and, if used correctly, can be almost as effective.

Fill a bucket with ice and place it in front of the fan; The result is similar to air conditioning.

8. Use heat extractors

Extractors are not only used to avoid vapors, smoke or bad odors in the kitchen, they are also ideal for removing heat.

It is essential to turn on the extractor especially while we are cooking. Remember to clean the extractors frequently, to prevent grease from clogging the filters or damaging the motor.

9. Avoid using the oven

In line with the previous advice, we advise you to avoid excessive use of the oven.

The reason is obvious: the oven generates a lot of heat in the kitchen, which makes it difficult to cool the interior parts.

10. Let in some air at night

The last trick to keep the house cool is to ventilate it at night as well. Temperatures are lower at night and we can take advantage of them to cool the house.

As obvious as they may seem, we often tend to ignore the tips listed above, which makes the house feel even cozier.