How to make aloe vera, the root is enough: 3 easy ways to root everything

Here we reveal how to root with aloe vera, an incredible method that will allow you to grow any plant in your home.

aloe and rosemary plant

Everything you need to know about how you can  root with aloe vera  . With this method we will be able to make any plant grow.

Plants that do not grow, what to do.

How many times has it happened to you that you have plants in your house that you may have had all your life and that still do not grow? Fortunately, today we reveal the right method for you: often, in fact, you only need one  rooting agent  .

But before getting to the point, and above all to explain how to root with aloe vera, today we will reveal to you the reasons why plants often do not grow and how to remedy this annoying  problem  .

plants that do not grow

Plants are all different and need special care and attention. If you want to grow the ones you have at home, we recommend that  you read  , to really understand what the species of plant you are growing needs.

In general, you should know that plants need different percentages of light, wind, shade, water, soil and fertilizer. Even the size of the  pot  matters and there are some plants that prefer to grow in the soil of a garden than in that which is placed inside a container, placed on the balcony.

Therefore, it is very important to understand why a plant is not growing properly. Therefore, before uprooting and definitively throwing away your dead plant, we advise you to adjust all those factors that we have mentioned. Once this is done, you can continue trying  to root with aloe vera  . Here we tell you how you can do it.

How to root with aloe vera

The first way is to install, directly inside the  large aloe vera leaf  , the branch of the plant that we want to grow and that we want to grow. After inserting it inside the leaf, we can proceed by inserting it inside the vase and pouring the necessary soil. Then we can water.

The second way is to extract aloe gel. All you have to do is  cut the aloe vera leaf  in half and, with a knife, extract all the gel, taking care not to lose it. To make sure this is not the case, we advise you to place a glass or any other container that can somehow collect the liquid under the blade.

Root with aloe vera

Once this is done, transfer the liquid to the  blender  and activate it. Make sure it becomes as runny as possible, then pour it into a vase where you’ve already poured your soil. Then plant the branch of the plant you need to grow.

The third method consists of simply pouring a  small percentage of aloe vera gel  , without first passing it through the blender. This method can be especially useful with those small plants, which don’t need much rooting agent, just a little help.