How to Make Christmas Cacti Bloom All Year Round

You can enjoy its magnificent flowers all year round. Here’s how.

The  Christmas cactus  is a succulent plant that owes its name to the time of its  flowering , or during the winter season.

However, it is possible to continue its flowering even beyond this period with small  precautions .

Let’s see what they are.

  1. Temperature : Being a winter plant, the Christmas cactus does not like excessively warm temperatures. The ideal is between 13 and 15 degrees.
  2. Water : Like all succulents, the Christmas cactus does not need a lot of water. It is advisable to water it once a month and spray water on the leaves.
  3. Cleaning : to prolong flowering, it is advisable to remove weak parts that are brown or particularly faded. However, these parts can also be buried to obtain new roots.