How to make color catcher cloths to protect your laundry

If you wash your laundry regularly, you have probably had the experience of sorting the items incorrectly, perhaps out of haste or carelessness, and finding an ugly item at the end of the wash cycle. Washing different colored clothes in a single wash cycle may not be a good idea, even if it saves us time.

In fact, some colored clothing fades and sometimes even leaves permanent stains on lighter colored clothing. One of the most effective ways to avoid these unpleasant surprises is to use color catcher sheets , which are available in almost all supermarkets.

If you’re short on time or don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to make color catcher leaves at home using materials you’re sure to have on hand.

To make DIY color catcher cloths to protect your laundry, you will need:

a piece of white cloth
a spoonful of washing soda
hot water
Cut the white piece of fabric to create many pieces that have the dimensions of the classic color catcher cloths from the supermarket, i.e. around 25 cm x 10 cm.

Fill a glass jar with hot water and pour in a tablespoon of washing soda. Stir well to completely dissolve the soda.

Dip a piece of cloth into the jar, making sure it is fully submerged using a ladle, and allow to soak. Let it soak for about half an hour.

After 30 minutes, remove the fabric, wring it out and let it dry in the sun. The color catcher sheet is ready to use .

Put it in the washing machine with your laundry: it will be very effective in attracting and trapping the colors of the fabrics and preventing them from settling on the whiter items.

Before using the color catcher sheets on your clothing , remember to do a little test to check how they work.

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