How to make fat burning soup (slimming soup)

Along with a sedentary lifestyle, a rich diet can lead to significant weight gain. Obesity can be the cause of many diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes or hypertension. Here’s how to make a fat-burning soup that will make you shed those   extra pounds .

To regain weight, it is essential to promote healthy and dietary meals as well as prolonged physical activity. The recipe we propose today contains ingredients with formidable dietary properties.

The soup burns fat with a high slimming power:

A period of inattention can have a lasting impact on the silhouette and cause unsightly bulges. To regain control, it is essential to introduce new eating habits associated with the resumption of prolonged physical activity.

This fat burning soup recipe is ideal for weight loss. It is prepared with onion, cabbage and parsley. All ingredients with slimming and detoxifying properties that will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Onion, your slimming companion

With an intake of 43 calories per 100 grams, the onion is a perfect vegetable to consume during a diet. Diuretic and regulator of insulin levels, it is ideal for fighting cellulite.

According to the results of a scientific study, onion acts by inhibiting the formation of fats thanks to its cysteine ​​sulfoxide.

Parsley, a dietary plant

For weight loss, parsley is the perfect food. Low in calories and equipped with formidable diuretic properties, it is able to eliminate toxins from the body. The fiber it is made of increases the feeling of satiety and fights appetite.

Friend, your slimming ally

Consumed in soup or salad, cabbage can be an excellent slimming ally. Its balance of fibre, vitamins and minerals makes it a perfect food for a low-calorie diet.

How to prepare slimming soup?

To observe convincing results on your figure and your health, we recommend using ingredients of organic origin.

Ingredients :

1 tomato
2 carrots, sliced
​​1 onion, sliced
​​A bunch of celery
150g green beans
1 head cabbage, sliced
​​3 sprigs of parsley
1 teaspoon curry powder
A pinch of salt
1 pinch of pepper

Preparation  :

Place all the ingredients in the pot
Cover the pot with water and bring to a boil
Stir while boiling for 10 minutes
Lower the heat and simmer the fat burning soup until the vegetables are tender.

The  diet

The first day:

Eat all the fruit you want except bananas.

Second day:

Eat all the vegetables you want, except corn and potatoes.

Third day:

Eat all the vegetables and fruit you want, except for the restrictions of the previous days.

Fourth day:

Consume only soup.

Fifth day:

You can add grilled turkey and fish as accompaniments to the soup

Sixth day:

Consume fruit and meat as an accompaniment to soup

Seventh day:

Consume vegetables and brown rice as an accompaniment to soup

In order for the results of this slimming treatment to last over time, it is essential to resume a balanced diet low in fats and sugars, accompanied by regular physical activity and hydrating adequately.

Taking excessive doses of cabbage and parsley is not recommended for people on anticoagulant treatment. However, before starting a diet, it is always best to consult a doctor.