How to make fertilizer for the lemon tree: to better care for and nourish it

How to make a completely organic fertilizer for the lemon tree.

That of the  lemon is a very widespread plant and is also relatively simple to care for, it also produces the fragrant citrus fruits that we all know.

Like all plants, however, it needs specific care. For this reason, it is helpful to make a  specific fertilizer  for your needs.

Let’s see what is needed and how to do it.


  • 100 g of compost
  • 100 g of leaf compost only
  • 100 g of organic fertilizer


  1. Combine all the ingredients, mixing them well.
  2. To use it, try digging a few inches into the surface soil that supports the plant.
  3. After that, place the fertilizer on the soil and mix it.
  4. Wet the ground with water.