How to make homemade lime waterproofing to protect the roof from rain

The rainy season  has arrived   , but you still have time to take care of your home and avoid accidents or unnecessary expenses   .

The best thing is that   you can apply this    homemade waterproofing   when the sun comes out and take advantage of it to take care of your home   .

Here we tell you   how to do it and apply it to protect   the ceiling   ,   walls from humidity and leaks in your house   .

You need   :

  • ½ kilo   of lime
  • ½ kg of   aluminum
  • 1  aluminum cube
  • 2 bars   of Zote white soap
  • Water

Procedure   :

1.   Add water and lime to a container   .  Bring this mixture   to a boil on the stove.
2. Using a grater,   grate the bars of soap and alum together   .
3. While the water is boiling,   add the soap and alum mixture   . Then remove it from the heat.
4. Then   put the mixture where the cracks are   .

How to apply   :

1. Before applying waterproofing,   you must sweep and remove any loose material   .
2.   Apply the mixture to the entire roof and after the rains wait 3 days for the roof to dry   .
3. Finally,   reapply a few days later to strengthen   .

This is how you can make   homemade waterproofing that will work for a long time to protect your roof from rain   . You can also   apply the mixture to walls and leaks   .

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