How to make orchid substrate? – orchid compost recipe

We suggest you make a good compost for your orchids using eggshells, coconut fiber (grated coconut shells), mixed pellets, and goat manure.

How to proceed

The first thing to do is to crush the eggshells with your hands. Then add the coconut fiber, obtained by simply grating the shell of a coconut. Stir lightly, then add the mixed pellets and goat manure fertilizer and mix well with your hands.

Now take a fairly fine mesh bag. In this “sock” place the cap of a plastic bottle, which will be used to maintain the opening of the bag without much effort, then start filling it with our mixture of eggshells, coconut, pellets and goat manure.

When the bag is full, it looks like a kind of “salami”, which you then attach around the substrate on which the orchids are to bloom.

The last operation consists in regularly watering the whole of the ambradan. You will see that at the time of flowering, the fertilizer compost you applied will have done its job.

As you can see, this is a very easy operation to perform, which requires little time and above all no particular manual skill. The only trick is to slip the cap of a plastic bottle that you cut off just below the neck into the mesh bag. As mentioned above, this is an easy way to keep the bag opening wide while filling it with DIY compost.

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