How to make sansevieria flower so that the whole house smells good?

Admit that your interior smells clean but is severely lacking in olfactory identity. It’s normal. The smells of the house mix, the windows open to ventilate after cleaning and the scents of the cleaning products evaporate. For this reason, some indoor plants can be real resources. Find out how to make sansevieria bloom so that its scent fills your home.

You may rarely hear it, but there is another name for sansevieria. This is Dracaena trifasciata. One of the most common houseplants in homes and the most appreciated by young workers or those who definitely don’t have a green thumb.

How to make sansevieria bloom so that its scent reaches the whole house?

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Sansevieria is a plant that is resistant to both heat and humidity  , which allows it to achieve a longer life expectancy than other species. But what you need to know when you want to make it flower is that the maintenance and conservation conditions of sansevieria vary and become quite restrictive for the less courageous.

Sansevieria rarely flowers indoors. This is why it is essential that certain conditions are respected. Climatic conditions favorable for flowering must first be brought together or reproduced. If you are neither a gardener nor a fan of gardening and botany and cannot differentiate a begonia from other grasses, be careful!

– Water your sansevieria! Neither too little nor too much, enough water

This plant needs to be watered only once a week and only when the soil is completely dry. If you drown your plant, it may rot quickly. During the winter, you can only water it a few times a month. These perennials will delight more than one.

– Expose your sansevieria to light

To make your sansevieria flower, sun exposure is crucial. Your plant must be well lit to allow its leaves to fully exploit the benefits of the sun and obtain that bright green color that characterizes it.

If you see your plant’s leaves faltering  and losing their vibrancy, it’s time to expose them to a little more sun. The edge of a balcony is an ideal place, especially if exposed to full sun. But be careful about overexposure.

– As for your hair, your sansevieria needs freshness

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To maintain the appearance of your sansevieria, you will not need to trim the ends of its leaves. All you have to do is remove dried leaves that are vectors of diseases harmful to your plant. Like weeds, yellow and dry leaves must be removed.

– Fertilizers, source of vitamins for sansevieria

As the weather warms, you’ll need to ramp up your plant’s strengths. From the beginning of summer until the arrival of spring, fertilizer is applied once a month.

For sansevieria to bloom, a nutrient-rich floral fertilizer is important.   The exotic smell of vanilla released by the white flowers of the sansevieria threatens to invade your interior. Your home will feel like Tahiti, especially at night as the smell is released at sunset. Imagine your bamboo interior, a bonsai on the entrance console and the scent of the islands that transport you between the vahines.

Whether you choose a flowering plant or not, for chrysanthemums, peonies, honeysuckle or orchids, whether they are annuals or not, it is important to observe and take care of them. In addition to its decorative appearance, sansevieria, like other plant varieties, is also an environmentally friendly alternative to air purifiers. This plant will clean the air in your home and give it a noticeable scent.