Kitchen towels  are really useful because they allow us to dry the different surfaces and dishes, often  collecting grease and grease stains.

For this reason  , over time they tend to turn yellow  and  look old and always dirty despite washing  .

But no fear! Today we will see together  how to  make yellowed tea towels look new again using these tricks !

What will you discover?


The first remedy we suggest is the use of  bicarbonate, an ingredient known   for its  whitening, degreasing and stain-removing properties. So all you need to do is  add 4 tablespoons of baking soda   to a bowl of hot water and then soak the tea towels for a few hours or overnight (depending on how yellowed they are).

After that, rinse them and proceed  to washing them in the washing machine  . Alternatively, if you want to continue washing in the washing machine, add   a spoonful of bicarbonate   to the drum of your washing machine and start the cycle:  no more stains!


A similar but more effective ingredient to baking soda is   sodium percarbonate  , which  is known as an environmentally friendly replacement for bleach.  However, keep in mind that temperatures above 40 degrees  are required to activate the whitening function.

Therefore, if you want to continue washing your hands, dip the tea towels in a bowl of hot water and   two tablespoons of percarbonate  and let them soak for a few hours before rinsing. However, when washing in the washing machine, all you have to do is   add a portion of percarbonate to the detergent dispenser   and   continue washing at high temperatures.

Speaking of which, here’s  a video where you can see how!

Note:   Wear gloves when handling percarbonate as it may irritate skin.


Like baking soda,  vinegar is  an ingredient known for its whitening and stain-removing properties. We remind you that it  was already used by our grandmothers to whiten the yellowed putty!

Therefore, to get white tea towels like new again, you need to   pour half a glass of white vinegar into a bowl of hot water and    let them soak  for a few hours . Finally, proceed to washing together in the washing machine and….  they will be like new!

citric acid

As an alternative to vinegar, you can also  use citric acid  , which is more environmentally friendly and just as effective. Then  add 150 grams of citric acid to   1 liter of warm water   in a bowl and  soak the tea towels in the resulting mixture for about 2 hours.

Finally, rinse them and proceed with normal washing by hand or in the washing machine! As if that wasn’t enough,  citric acid in the washing machine also helps to remove limescale!


After vinegar, bicarbonate and citric acid, how could the  popular lemon,  the citrus fruit with many properties, be missing? In fact, this ingredient is popular not only for its brightening effects, but also  for its ability to smell fresh laundry!

Then slice  two lemons   and place them in a bowl or pot with   a liter of boiling water  . Now let the tea towels to be bleached  soak  for about 30 minutes  before washing them in the usual washing machine or by hand.

Your   tea towels will be white, fresh and fragrant!

Caution:   Be careful when handling the pan with boiling water as you could burn yourself.

Hydrogen peroxide

If the yellow spots are still there after the previous measures  ,  then we have the solution for you: hydrogen peroxide  ,  an ingredient that is not entirely natural, but is still ecological and with which you  can make your tea towels white like new.  

Simply add   a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide to a basin of water   or the washing machine and follow the instructions above.

Note:   We remind you to only use hydrogen peroxide with white tea towels and to make sure there are no other items in the washing machine. Hydrogen peroxide could actually discolor them.


Always check the labels to determine the optimal washing temperature.