How to make your geraniums bloom abundantly: my infallible advice.

Geraniums  are  without a doubt one of my favorite flowers. When they are in full bloom, they give us a wonderful spectacle: an authentic explosion of colors that immediately puts us in a good mood. But having an  abundant flowering of geraniums  is not easy.

Why don’t geraniums bloom?

Before describing our  tricks to make geraniums bloom  , it is essential to understand the reasons why our geraniums do not bloom correctly.

  • light  _ Geraniums need at least 6 to 7 hours of light a day. Place your geranium plant in an area where it can receive sunlight, whether indoors or outdoors. In winter, it protects the plant from the cold.
  • Pruning. This is another method to achieve good flowering. Our trick is to remove dry shoots and rotten flowers weekly with very clean and sharp scissors or with your hands.

Natural fertilizer to make geraniums bloom

Any  fertilizer for geraniums  should have two nutrients: potassium, which helps with flowering, and phosphorus, which helps with root development. There are many chemical fertilizers on the market, but we like organic and that is why we suggest that you use organic waste such as fruit peel (even nut skins).

Coffee waste, egg shells and dried garlic are other excellent products to prepare a natural fertilizer for geraniums. They are particularly useful to avoid attacks by mealybugs.

Once you have chosen the fertilizer ingredients, find a plastic container, make holes for the organic matter to “breathe,” and moisten it from time to time.

Remember to aerate the potting soil before applying fertilizer.

How to make geraniums bloom

We have come to our trick: so  that the geraniums bloom more abundantly and have more showy flowers  , pour a few drops of  olive oil  near the roots.

The acetic acid in  vinegar  is also great for plants. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with three liters of water and use this solution to water your geraniums.

Used tea bags  are great for keeping soil moist and releasing additional nutrients. Make a very small hole in the potting soil, put the tea bag and water in.

The cinnamon  helps  keep insects away. Sprinkle the surface of the potting soil with cinnamon powder.

Now that you know our  tricks for making geraniums bloom,  let us know if they work for your plants too, perhaps by sharing the photos on our Facebook page.