How to plant blueberries at home to have an infinite number and never buy more?

Slightly sweet, the blueberry is a dark red to purple fruit that stands out for its richness in vitamins including vitamin K, trace elements and mineral salts. Indeed, this small fruit contains significant quantities of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc or even vanadium. Derived from the blueberry tree, a shrub in the Ericaceae family, blueberries are tasty and low in calories. To harvest blueberries, you can learn how to plant the shrub at home.
In various sweet preparations such as cakes, muffins or juices, blueberries retain their taste while offering a series of benefits to the body. Cultivated for its fruit, blueberries can grow in the garden or in a large pot placed on the balcony. To be successful in your gardening and grow this fruit tree, here are our tips.

The blueberry: two species to distinguish

Blueberry – Source: spm

There are two species of blueberries:

Vaccinium myrtillus , a wild blueberry that measures between 20 and 50 cm in height and has evergreen foliage. The latter is generally grown on heathlands on moors, or in woodlands and clearings.
Vaccinium corymbosum , a shrubby blueberry 1.5 to 2 meters tall that is easily grown in pots, in garden soil or in the vegetable patch.
From May, clusters of white bells appear on the shrub.

clusters of white bells

Clusters of white bellflowers – Source: spm

In summer, the berries appear and ripen for consumption. Some blueberry trees pollinate themselves, and you can simply plant them to fruit.

How to plant blueberries at home?
sweet berries

You can plant a blueberry tree in a pot – Source: spm

Blueberries should be planted in sun or partial shade. Furthermore, this shrub flourishes in very acidic, well-drained and lime-free soil. If your garden is not suitable, you can plant the shrub in a fairly large container and line the bottom with a layer of clay pebbles or gravel. Then, you will need to fill the tray with heather potting soil, 1/10 compost or potting soil to ensure the substrate retains water as much as possible. Also, to have a good harvest, try planting your shrubs in autumn to encourage rooting. If you plant them in spring, remember to water them regularly to allow them to grow optimally.

How to maintain blueberry tree?
sweet fruit

Sweet berries – Source: spm

From March, the blueberry bush will need to be provided with a special rhododendron fertilizer. It will be necessary to mulch the shrub with pine bark or pine needles in the fall to preserve the acidity of the soil. When the climate is dry, make sure watering is regular and use non-calcareous water. In winter, remember to remove dead wood without pruning the blueberry tree. Furthermore, blueberries propagate by cutting, division and stratification.

Thanks to these tricks, you can plant your own fruit bushes and have fun saving money.