How to prepare a floor detergent that sanitizes and cleans thoroughly without streaks

Cleaning floors is tedious but essential. A lot of dirt accumulates on the floor, which ends up giving the house a shabby look. Not to mention the grout, which even changes color due to dirt, grease and bacteria .

In this article we suggest how to prepare a DIY floor detergent to avoid using industrial ones, i.e. the ones you buy at the supermarket, which are full of chemical and toxic substances.

Floors are an important part of our home, but also difficult to wash. Stains can accumulate on the floor that cannot be removed with water alone, and which are impossible to remove without leaving streaks.

The DIY detergent we suggest below is one of the most effective in removing the hardest dirt from floors, disinfecting them and giving them a wonderful pine scent .

To prepare it you need:

  • half a liter of white vinegar
  • 100 ml of ecological liquid soap
  • 2 tablespoons of alcohol
  • 30 drops of pine essential oil

Pour the vinegar, liquid soap, alcohol and pine essential oil into a large enough bottle equipped with a spray diffuser. Shake well to integrate the ingredients.

Use the DIY detergent as if it were any spray cleaner. Dilute it in water as you would a conventional product.