How to prepare a natural and effective anti-aging facial serum

If you want to protect your facial skin with natural cosmetics, the recipe we suggest in this article will be right for you. Below you will find instructions on how to prepare an anti-aging facial serum , all based on natural ingredients capable of toning the skin of the face, eliminating wrinkles.

facial serum is a cosmetic product prepared with ingredients that contain high quantities of active ingredients, which penetrate deeply into the skin, restoring it, regenerating it and helping it to recover elasticity. The facial serum is applied directly to the skin in the evening, after washing it thoroughly: a few drops are enough.

The ingredients of the facial serum are: rosehip oil, rich in vitamins A and C and retinol, Argan oil, rich in vitamin E, and Jojoba oil, with hydrating and calming properties. Frankincense and geranium oil will also be used.

Ingredients: 15 grams of rosehip oil, 15 grams of Argan oil, 15 grams of Jojoba oil, 4 drops of frankincense oil, 4 drops of geranium oil, 0.5 grams of vitamin E.

First of all, disinfect all the utensils you are going to use. Pour all the essential oils and vitamin E into a glass container. Mix well to make them integrate together. Using a funnel, pour the serum into a dark glass bottle with a dropper.