How to prevent your laundry from smelling like sweat even after you wash it

Concern about your body odor increases during the summer. This doesn’t mean that bad odors don’t exist during the rest of the year, but in summer you sweat more and therefore the chances of having a bad smell increase.

The bad smell of sweat in the armpits , in reality, is not caused by sweat, but by the Staphylococcus himinis bacteria that live in the armpits (a humid, warm and dark place, perfect for their proliferation).

Sometimes, however, although a shower is enough to eliminate the bad odor from under the armpits , a wash cycle is not enough to eliminate it from the laundry . It happens that the smell of sweat continues to be present, perhaps slightly hidden by the fabric softener.

This mostly happens with synthetic sportswear, produced with “hydrophobic” fabrics that absorb body oils, but not water. This creates a perfect environment for the proliferation of bacteria and ensures that the bad smell remains longer.

To remove the bad smell of sweat from clothes, the first rule is to separate them from the rest of the laundry. Then apply one of these very simple methods.

Aspririn and cream of tartar . Mix three white aspirins together with 250 ml of hot water and a spoonful of cream of tartar. Scrub the underarm area with a toothbrush and leave the garment to soak for 20 minutes. Finally, wash it normally.

Sodium bicarbonate . Make a creamy paste by mixing baking soda and warm water, and apply it directly to the smelly area. Leave to act for 15 minutes, then wash the garment as normal.

Salt . Dissolve several tablespoons of table salt in a bucket full of warm water and soak your head in it for half an hour before washing it as you usually do.

Vinegar . Fill the washing machine drum, then add 100 ml of vinegar. Soak your laundry in it for 15 minutes then wash as normal. You can also use vinegar instead of fabric softener.