How to recover a wilted or damaged orchid

Orchids are very popular flowers thanks to their beauty, they are very showy, elegant and serve perfect to decorate any space, and if we give them the necessary care these plants can last a long time, however, they are a little more demanding and delicate plants than  to others, so they may resent some changes or lack of care. But don’t worry, because today we will tell you  how to recover a withered or damaged orchid .

Among the basic care of orchids is that they are of   tropical origin and live in the branches and trunks of trees, so they are accustomed to high humidity , but we should not make the mistake of flooding their roots. They should also get plenty of daily light, but not directly , or their leaves will turn dark, but if it gets direct sun they will wilt, so a place with resolana, such as the window, will be perfect.

Its flowers can last up to three months , which is a long time, but they need abundant and spaced watering with water low in minerals and excellent drainage.

Maybe all these specific cares give you an ideal of why your orchid seems weak and sad, but there is a way to restore its beauty and vitality, because Emma Almanza, through her TikTok account @exquenda has the solution.

How to recover a wilted orchid

How to recover a wilted or damaged orchid

Step by step:

  1. Remove it from the pot very carefully
  2. Remove the coir it comes with in its original pot
  3. Mix the coconut fiber with some pine bark
  4. You can put the orchid in a bowl of water so that the roots loosen a little
  5. Place the orchid in a new pot with excellent drainage, this should be clear or with holes, as orchids photosynthesize through the roots
  6. Top with coconut fiber and pine bark blend
  7. Spray fungicide on its leaves to strengthen the immune system
  8. If it doesn’t have a flower, cut the wand so it saves energy and doesn’t spend what little it has trying to flower
  9. Apply orchid fertilizer
  10. Continue with your daily care