How to regrow and thicken your eyebrows in 1 week

It is known that as we age, hair and eyebrows become weaker and may fall out. In particular, weakening the eyebrows makes them less thick and makes us look less young. The eyebrows frame the eyes, and when they become thinner they make the eyelids stand out. There are some methods that can improve the situation.

As already mentioned, the main cause of weakening of eyebrows is advancing age. But excessive hair removal can also disable the follicle, making the hair thinner and thinner, until it prevents its growth. Some medications, such as birth control pills and Prozac, can also cause hormonal changes, as well as dermatitis, menopause and thyroid problems.

If your weakening eyebrows are caused by one of these conditions, you should see your doctor to treat the cause.

Certain nutrients can be very helpful in treating weakened eyebrows if caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Many supplements, such as vitamins A, E, D, iron, biotin or L-lysine, strengthen both hair and eyebrows.

Remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with an adequate diet, physical activity and avoiding bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and excess cosmetic products.

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