How to remove a key that broke in the lock: 5 tricks to avoid disassembling everything

Minor accidents can happen anywhere and on a daily basis. Sometimes due to poor maintenance, due to factory defects, or due to being in too much of a hurry. One of the most common accidents is that of keys breaking and getting stuck in the lock.

The bad part about this problem is that if it happens with your house keys, you can’t put off fixing it. Before you call a locksmith, you can try practicing these tricks to remove a broken key in the lock without having to disassemble everything.

First trick
You only need a very powerful magnet. If the key is stuck in the upright position, it will be very easy to remove it.

Put some lubricant on it, then take the magnet and place it on the key to allow it to take effect. The key should stick to the magnet and come off easily.

Second trick
You need needle-nose pliers or scissors with a very fine tip. Lubricate the area around the key, then grab the end of the key sticking out of the lock with the pliers or scissors.

Try to pull the key away, being very careful. Perform this movement little by little, without pulling hard: you would run the risk of introducing the key further into the lock.

If the key broke in the lock, but the door remained open, you can try one of the following tricks.

First trick
If the key got stuck with the door open, look for keys with a very thin tip and from the opposite side (i.e., inside the house) insert one of the scissor tips until it makes contact with the key.

Push inward to encourage the key to come out completely. If you can’t get it all the way out, you can help yourself with pliers to pull them out completely.

Second trick
The trick is similar to the previous one, but instead of using scissors, we will use another key.

By inserting it into the inside lock, it will push the locked key outward.

Third trick
It has depopulated on social media precisely because it is so effective. The key must be in the upright position. Heat a piece of silicone with a lighter until it melts. Immediately place the melted silicone on the lock, at the locked key.

Apply firm pressure for one minute until the silicone cools. Then pull the silicone back to help the key come out. Do not pull forcefully to prevent the silicone from breaking.