How to remove animal stains from a sofa

Everyone loves their pet and it is very important to reach a point where you and your beloved furry baby can live in perfect harmony. If your dog keeps pooping on the couch, it may not be his fault, but, since this is not because you are removing the edor from your eder detector, the structure is being removed from your dog’s nose. Your dog can detect smells that you can’t, so residual smells can lure your pet to the same place where it becomes permanent. When I found this video tutorial on YouTube from ‘Andrea Jean Cleaning’ that describes various ways to get rid of these stained areas. You will need a wiping roller as these should always be vacuumed first.

Material needed to remove animal stains on a sofa:
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
2 teaspoons chemical yeast
2 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid
A bowl
A cleaning cloth
Learn how to clean dog urine from your sofa or mattress in a few easy steps in this video tutorial from Andrea Jean Cleaning on YouTube .

Then clean the area by trying and not rubbing.

It’s a simple method that works really well, I love it!