How to remove mold from walls with natural remedies

Mold stains  on the wall are problems that we never want to face because, if they are not removed quickly, they can cause various problems in the house.

In fact, mold  is generated mainly by humidity  that stagnates inside the house and accumulates.

Unfortunately, therefore, it is necessary to act with the aim of  preventing it  and not making it return.

However, it is important to see  how to remove mold from walls with natural and non-aggressive remedies!


Vinegar   is a  very effective natural remedy  to solve the problem of mold given its degreasing action.

If you want to use this method, you simply have to pour 2  and a half glasses of white spirit vinegar   into   one and a half liters of water.

Then take a sponge and  dip it in the solution  , then  gently wipe it   over the mold.

Let it sit for a few hours , then move on to completely remove and wash the wall.

If you have to  wash the top part of the wall  , put the previous compound in a spray container and spray it on the stain.

Let it sit and then wash the wall well to remove all stains.


Like vinegar,  lemon also has an excellent cleaning property  that will help you clean the walls of your house and  eliminate mold.

All you have to do is strain the  juice of 1 lemon  and add it to  2 cups of warm water.

Dip a microfiber cloth in the mixture and apply it  to the mold stain,  letting it sit for a while.

Then rub lightly if not all the dirt has disappeared or repeat the operation several times and that’s it!

Hydrogen peroxide

Another remedy that may seem unusual, but is actually very effective, is  hydrogen peroxide!

In this case we are talking about 10 volume hydrogen peroxide, that is, 3%.

To use this method, you can  dampen and wring out a microfiber cloth  , then pour the hydrogen peroxide directly onto the microfiber cloth and rub it into the wall until the stain is completely gone.

This method is  particularly suitable for white walls  , in fact, stains can form on colored ones.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another widely used remedy to say goodbye to mold is  baking soda!

We know that with this natural ingredient  you can clean the entire house  and remove even the most stubborn dirt!

In the case of mold, you will have to  dissolve 2 tablespoons of the product  in a small bowl and use a microfiber cloth to wash it.

I always remind you to rub lightly and never rub on the stain, if there is dirt left, repeat the operation and that’s it!

To prevent mold

After seeing the remedies to get rid of it, let’s see what the best solutions are  to avoid mold!


The first thing you should do is  dehumidify  the environment.

By expelling most of the moisture, mold will have no way to sneak onto the walls and create unsightly stains.

If you have a  dehumidifier  , run it  during the rainiest days  , especially when night falls and humidity increases.

There are also natural remedies to say goodbye to humidity:

  • Rice  : Rice is an ingredient that  naturally absorbs water and moisture  , so much so that when an electronic device gets wet, it is submerged in a bowl full of rice grains. Well, you can  have jars or glasses full of rice  in  the most humid rooms  to have a natural dehumidifier.
  • Coarse salt  : Like rice, coarse salt also performs the same water absorption function. Then you can  perform the same procedure  described above replacing the rice with coarse salt.

Let it air out

Another way to combat mold that you surely know is  by ventilating.

Regenerating the air inside our environment is essential to let out all the humidity and prevent mold from sneaking into the wall.

So in the morning,  open balconies and windows  and let them air out for at least ten minutes!

You will see that your walls will be less affected by humidity!


The remedies listed are indicated for small mold stains. In case there are stains that are too large and severe, consider consulting an expert.