How to Remove Oil Stains from Your Tablecloth: This ingredient absorbs everything

How do I remove oil stains from tablecloth? Here is the ingredient that will save your tablecloth: This ingredient is able to absorb everything and give your tea towels more shine, fragrance and cleanliness.

Don’t worry if you too have a tablecloth full of oil stains. We have the solution that suits you. You need to get this ingredient that can absorb even the most stubborn spices within minutes.

Stained tablecloths, how to clean them with natural ingredients
Tablecloths are the best allies of our table. We all use them for convenience and cleanliness , but how many times have you dirty them by pouring wine or dripping oil on them?

We all know how stubborn these stains are, even ten washes in our favorite appliance, the washing machine, don’t help. Of course, you can remove stains from your tablecloth using some expensive and chemical products , but these do not guarantee a 100% effective result.

If we told you that there is a natural ingredient that can solve the problem of stubborn stains , would you believe it? For example, you can remove oil stains from your tablecloth simply by using this product that absorbs everything.

The only way to remove oil stains from the tablecloth is: here is the ingredient that absorbs everything
If you find yourself having to throw away your favorite tablecloths all too often because they have irreparable stains , know that from today you don’t have to do that anymore. We offer you a solution that protects your tablecloths.

You need an ingredient that can soak up everything and even remove oil stains. Curious what we’re talking about? The ingredient is white wine vinegar.

Well, this natural ingredient with disinfectant, cleaning and stain-fighting properties is useful for removing oil stains from tablecloths by simply following the steps below.


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The first thing you need to do is fill a fairly large container with room temperature water . Then add a 250ml glass of white vinegar , dip your stained tablecloth in the solution and let it soak for four hours.

Rub the tablecloth from time to time with a brush or simply using the rubbing technique. After this soaking period, rinse the tablecloth by hand with lukewarm water . Alternatively, you can quickly wash in the washing machine and choose the right program depending on the fabric.

Then let it dry in the sun and you will see that there will be no stains left on your tablecloth after the drying process is complete . However, there are other ways to remove oil stains from the tablecloth.

For example, you can prepare a recipe using laundry soap and warm water . In this case, you should always soak your tablecloth in a large container with liquid Marseille soap or, even better, with natural soap .

Wait at least three hours and then rinse your tablecloth in the washing machine: you will see that in this case too you have solved the problem of stubborn stains . Did you know that even shampoo can be helpful in removing stains from your tablecloth?

Place a cap on the stain and allow the product to act for 10 minutes . Then scrub and rinse the tablecloth. Another ingredient we recommend for household emergencies and home storage is glycerin.

When applied to not only oil stains but also wine stains, this product can restore the cleanliness and shine of your tablecloths . Salt is also a natural ingredient that you can use to remove oil stains from tablecloths , especially when combined with a little white soap.

Try these techniques and you will see that the results are guaranteed . Finally, you can say goodbye to stubborn stains by simply using the ingredients you use.