How to Remove Permanent Stains and Marks from Home Furniture Effortlessly

From the moment you set foot in your   house   for the first time you imagine, if it is not yet furnished, what   furniture   to buy to live there.

The choice is very personal and is also made according to the needs and size of the rooms. If, on the other hand, we are going to live in a house with the furniture already placed, we must do everything possible so that it does not get damaged.

Furniture: Here’s How to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

As the days go by we usually use many products to clean these furniture but there are certain types of stains that do not seem to want to disappear, especially in the kitchen where fats and oils are used.

Even those of us who have jobs where they often use ink or objects that tend to stain surfaces or have children who often play with sticky objects, such as slime, then we find ourselves with terrifying halos.

These can be removed using a   degreaser   , but we do not always manage to remove them 100% and over time we will see that the stain will always remain persistent.

Furniture: Here's how to remove stains

There are various natural methods to eliminate these stains, but sometimes, even if they are effective, they do not make our   furniture  shine again as before and we have to resort to hiding the halo with some object.

But there is an infallible method, tested by   expert housewives   and which is spreading on the Internet, to eliminate once and for all all the halos and stains that seem to have become embedded in our furniture.

How to proceed

First we must arm ourselves with a   microfiber cloth, a little hot water, a dishwasher tablet and a small or medium lid   that we usually use to put on our pots or pans and tongs   .

Then we will dissolve the dishwasher tablet in the water and once dissolved we will wet the microfiber cloth and wring it out and then wrap the lid inside and hold it still on the handle with a spring.

Taking the constructed object, we will rub it on our furniture and on the persistent stains and we will see how after a few seconds these are magically eliminated and our furniture will shine like new again.

Furniture: Here's how to remove stains

This happens because the   tablet   is used for dishwashers. It is composed of whitening agents and certain enzymes capable of dissolving starches and proteins and the most stubborn dirt, since the surfactants tend to eliminate them.

This way, we don’t necessarily need to look for objects to put on our   furniture   or apply stickers, as many do, to prevent the halo from being noticeable, but we can make our furniture look new again.

This method drives all the housewives crazy who can no longer do without it and follow the advice in detail like many others that can be found on the web.