How to repair a crack in the wall: simple home method

As the years pass, it is very common to notice the formation of small cracks in the walls of your home . They are simple to repair, even by doing it yourself, but first you need to know if it is a simple crack or a more serious problem.

The cracks can be superficial, that is, they can open on the plaster or internal paint due to wear of the materials, and therefore be harmless.

However, they must be differentiated from deeper cracks, which are therefore caused by damage to the structure of our home and therefore require the attention of a professional.

Taking this into account, you can now think about whether you can repair the crack in the wall yourself or whether you need to contact a professional. If you choose to do it yourself, you need the following materials:

Rubber gloves
Protection mask
Plastic sheet
Smooth spatula, even plastic
Wall putty
Method :

Place the tarp around the work site. This will avoid dirtying the floor with dust or grout.
Wear mask and gloves.
Use the putty knife to remove large pieces of filler and paint that come off easily.
With the brush make sure to remove the smallest residues and dust. This operation is important to make the stucco adhere more easily.
Apply the filler little by little, making sure to fill the crack well.
With the smooth spatula try to apply the putty evenly, making it enter the crack and making the surface smooth.
Let the grout dry for 24-48 hours (or the time indicated on the package).
Finally, use sandpaper to eliminate imperfections and paint the wall.
Now that you know how to repair a crack in the wall , try applying this trick to have a wall as good as new.