How to scare away flies and perfume the entire kitchen

One of the disadvantages of the arrival of heat is that, along with it,  the very annoying flies also arrive  . These unpleasant insects usually accumulate in the kitchen, constantly attracted to food and garbage, especially if we have a window or balcony that faces directly into the kitchen.

Lemon is a  citrus fruit  that has a very pleasant aroma for us, but  unpleasant for flies  . With lemon you can prepare a  DIY repellent  that is not only not harmful to health, but will allow us to always have the kitchen scented.

The main advantage of this makeup is that it is completely natural, so it is respectful of the environment and our health. It can be placed virtually anywhere and has no harmful effects.

The  lemon and clove-based repellent  is a natural and very effective trick, in addition to being a decorative element that does not cause any discomfort and integrates well with home decoration.

How to prepare lemon-based fly repellent

All you need is  a lemon and a handful of cloves  . Cut the lemon in half and insert them one by one into the lemon pulp.

Once ready, it is necessary to choose the right place to put the natural repellent. We suggest placing it  near windows or balcony doors  , or  on the kitchen counter  .

The duration of the lemon and clove-based repellent is about 2 weeks, after which you simply have to prepare another one.