How to scent the whole bathroom with a toilet paper roll

The bathroom is certainly the area of our home most prone to unpleasant odors, due to its nature. This is an even bigger problem for those who have a bathroom without a window or an extractor hood.

In this article we suggest how to prepare a very effective deodorant for the bathroom using very few natural ingredients.

A technique that we think is ingenious and allows us to save on deodorants while having a constant and long-lasting scent in our bathroom.

All you need is a roll of toilet paper and an essential oil of your choice (we recommend orange, lavender or thyme).

Pour a few drops of essential oil inside the paper roll (just in the cardboard area). The cardboard will absorb the essential oil, ensuring a good smell for a long time.

This way, you will have a natural and very effective bathroom air freshener. Seeing is believing.

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