How to unclog a clogged drain in 5 seconds using the bottle trick

A clogged drain is a very common problem in our homes, especially if we have outdated pipes. This problem can also be accompanied by bad smells caused by food particles and dirt that accumulate in the drains themselves.

We usually use special chemical products to clear a clogged drain. Yet few people know that it is possible to achieve the same result by spending much less money and without harming the environment: below we propose the famous bottle trick to unclog a clogged drain .

First, get an empty 1-liter plastic bottle, baking soda, and white vinegar. The bottle must obviously be empty.

Pour 150 grams of bicarbonate into the bottle and then gradually add 300 ml of vinegar. It is important to proceed slowly to prevent the foaming reaction between the two ingredients from causing the solution to leak out of the bottle.

Pour the contents of the bottle down the drain, making sure everything goes down. Squeeze the bottle to release the solution with a little pressure.

The bubbling reaction also continues down the drain, removing any debris and unblocking the drain.

Wait about 5 minutes and then pour plenty of hot water down the drain to remove any residue and get a perfectly functioning and fragrant drain.