How to unclog the nozzles on the countertop so that they perform better

It may happen that the  nozzles on your kitchen stove do not light well  , or that they have a much weaker flame. Sometimes the problem is solved by tapping on the stove. This phenomenon is usually associated with a gas supply problem, when in reality it is a much simpler problem to solve.

Food residue accumulates in the  hob burners  , and therefore also in the nozzles,   which, when hardened, greatly weaken the flame or, sometimes, even prevent it from lighting. Luckily it is possible to unclog the nozzles with a trick that you can do yourself.

Before you begin, it is important  to take proper precautions  . This problem can also be caused by a gas buildup or even a leak. For this reason it is important  to turn off the gas  before putting the trick into practice.

The first thing we must do, once the gas is turned off, is  remove the burners from the stove  . This operation is very simple to put into practice.

Take a piece of thin but strong enough wire and cover one end with electrical tape. Then insert this end into the  hole through which the gas comes out  , as if it were a cotton swab.

Repeat this operation for each hole, then replace the fires in place, making sure to secure them well.

All that remains is to turn on  the stove and check that everything is working  correctly. The flame will obviously be stronger and more constant.

This operation allows us not only to improve the cooking of food, with a more uniform distribution of heat, but also to save some money.