How to wash and polish tiles without leaving marks?

Tiles in your home can become dirty and change color over time. If you want to find alternatives to classic cleaning products, you can use the essential natural methods to clean the tiles and restore their shine. We have what you need.

Cleaning your floor or wall tiles every day can be quite easy. However, this task can become a real problem if dirt gets stuck or its color changes and fades over time. With these little grandmother’s tips, based on simple products and natural ingredients, you can easily clean your tiles and restore their shine.

What are the main methods to clean your tiles and make them shine?
It is important to maintain the tiles of the house so that it retains its original appearance for as long as possible. Dirt and mold can build up, particularly in the joints. Instead of using chemicals that can damage materials, opt for these simpler tips to keep them looking new.

White vinegar, an excellent tile cleaner
White vinegar – Source: spm

For cleaning and disinfecting, white vinegar is a great ally. Applied to old tiles, this product gives floors and walls a second life. To do this, simply pour a glass or two of this product into a bucket of hot water before submerging the mop in it. Then clean all floor and wall tiles with this solution. White vinegar not only removes the dirt and dust that accumulates on the tiles, but also gives them a real shine.

Black soap, a product that works wonders on tiles
Black Soap – Source: spm

Black soap is an effective exfoliant for the skin, but not only that! It also has hidden cleansing properties. In fact, it is an effective product for cleaning and removing stubborn stains from all surfaces. It is possible to mix a portion of black soap into hot water. Run a mop soaked in this product in a circular motion over the entire surface. The result is immediately visible! Another method is to dilute just a drop of liquid black soap in the dishwater. Black soap not only cleans and disinfects your floor, but also makes your tiles shine.

Potato cooking water for cleaning and shining tiles
Potato cooking water
Potato cooking water – source: spm


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Apple cooking water is an extremely effective tip. Simply boil the potatoes in a large pot and pour hot water over the tile. Scrub the tiles with a brush and leave for ten minutes. The starch contained in this water absorbs the various dirt that remains in the ground. All you have to do is clean it with a mop. Your tiles will regain their original shine! It is recommended to repeat this process once a month to maintain the shine.

Mistakes you shouldn’t make when cleaning house tiles
The use of natural tile care products is undoubtedly essential to maintain the appearance of this delicate covering. However, to maintain quality, these few common mistakes must be avoided.

Tiles are not cleaned regularly
Floor cleaning – source: spm

One of the most common mistakes is the frequency of cleaning tiles. Many people think that cleaning may degrade the quality. However, regular washing is one of the necessary prerequisites to keep floors and walls clean and shiny.

Use a dirty brush to clean tiles
Even if you have chosen to wash the tiles with 100% natural products, this process can be ruined by using dirty tools. Beforehand, wash your equipment and scrub the tiles with clean, dry cloths. If possible, use new sponges or mops for a flawless result.

Do not move furniture when cleaning tiles
Floor cleaning – source: spm

To keep the floor always clean, it is important to move the different pieces of furniture around the room. If certain dirty areas are neglected, streaks and dirt can form there, which will damage the tiles over time. The same applies to tile joints, where yellow spots and mold can form. To make the process easier, it is best to install legs or wheels under the table legs.

Although effective on mosaics, chemicals can damage them. For this reason, natural products combined with good cleaning techniques are preferred every day to ensure a clean and shiny coating.