I always keep the garlic peels: I’ll tell you my grandmother’s secret!

I always keep the garlic peels: I’ll tell you my grandmother’s secret!

Our grandmothers knew full well that  recycling is a fundamental process  for the life of a home. You can also   find many resources in the kitchen, among the leftovers .

To use them you just have to use the art of DIY and you can recycle anything you want so that you can reuse it in the right way.

In fact, on this page you will learn how to  recycle very simple garlic peels  and what you can do with them.

Before we figure out which  method Grandma  should use, we need to point out a few things first.

Garlic and even onions are ingredients that cannot be missing in any kitchen, precisely because they are able to flavor many dishes. In fact, onions can add an extra touch to preparations such as vegetable creams, meat fillets, salads and even sauces. It is also very valuable to flavor a good plate of minestrone, a sauté or a good risotto.

In the same way, garlic can flavor any spice and make it even more inviting, highlighting many recipes.

In fact, garlic is used as a main ingredient in a Genoese pesto, in Bagna Càuda, in Pici all’Aglione sauce and it is also possible to add it to a good bruschetta.

But  after using garlic in a recipe, the last thing you want to do is throw its peels in the trash . Instead, you have to store them so that you  can use them  in a trick that came to us thanks to our grandmothers, who will also manage not to further lighten your wallet.

To know what trick you can use to  recycle garlic peels cheaply,  all you have to do is scroll further down the page.


Storing garlic peels: Grandma’s secret for making a super effective infusion.

It is clear that garlic is one of the basic ingredients in Italian cuisine. For this very reason, it should not be missing in kitchens that are not very inhabited.

Precisely for this reason, thanks to this grandmother’s remedy, you can learn  to appreciate it in its entirety so as not to waste it.

Garlic peels should never be thrown away and thrown in the trash , as they can be very useful for those who love a green thumb.

In fact, they can be used  to breathe new life into the garden .

Here’s what you need to do.

To help the garden , you can make an infusion that can protect the plants . With this infusion it will be possible  to transmit its  antifungal and antiparasitic properties to the plants.

To prepare this natural infusion you just have to  take a pot and fill it with 1 liter of water . Then add the  peels of 4 cloves of garlic  and then put the pot on the stove.

Then  you have to let everything cook for about thirty minutes . After the specified time, remove the pot from the heat and  let the contents cool for a few minutes .

If the contents of the pot are cold,  simply filter the liquid and then pour it into a spray dispenser .

Once this is done,  it is possible to spray the liquid directly on the leaves and at the base of the plants .

After a very short time you will notice the clear difference and the plants will be protected and are not at risk of becoming sick.

Good luck with your work.