If you own this plant, you’re lucky: that’s why it’s worth pure gold at home

If you also have this plant at home, know that you are a very lucky person. That’s why it’s so valuable, you’d never guess.

This plant is worth a lot. That’s why it’s like having a treasure kept at home if you own one. Keep an eye on the reading: are you one of the lucky ones?

Plant that is worth like a treasure: this is why
If you are also the lucky owner of this plant , know that you have a kind of treasure at home. Have you ever seen it or given it? Its scientific name is Chlorophytum comosum or Falangio but it is also more “commonly” called “spider plant” or “ribbon of love”.

Planting phalanx
Bright, beautiful and easy to care for, it is a perfect plant for indoors. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family and is native to South Africa, so it is clear to understand that it must be positioned in a warm and bright environment . But be careful, the light must not touch it directly otherwise the risk of burning it becomes very high!

The simplicity with which it can be treated makes this plant a welcome gift even for those without a green thumb . Did you know that it can also withstand quite low temperatures? Even down to -2°! In short, the risk of her dying is really very low.

Why does this plant, so common and so simple to care for, represent a little treasure for those who own it ? Let’s find out.

All the characteristics of Falangio
Perfect for decorating kitchens, windows or bathrooms , this plant from Africa will not only help your home look more beautiful and brighter, but will also bring many benefits to the environment. Why are we telling you this? For various and simple reasons.