In just a few drops, remove all dirt stains from the floor – it leaves it shiny

Use a few drops of these products and your floors will thank you. Goodbye to the dirt on the floor and it will become super shiny and clean. Here’s what you need.

The floor is perhaps the part of the house that gets dirty the quickest . Especially if we then walk with shoes, dirt is really guaranteed. However, it is possible to intervene by removing them and without purchasing expensive chemicals found in the supermarket. In fact, you only need a few that you have at home to solve in no time.

Here’s how to remove dirt from the floor

As we said, the floor gets dirty easily, but it cleans just as quickly if you use the right products. In fact, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to go out and buy specific products because the ones you already have are enough. With the perfect mix, you’ll have clean, fragrant floors like you can’t even imagine.

Forget stains and bad odors. The floor will be very shiny, clean and above all sufficiently fragrant to completely invade your interior with its smell . Just continue reading below under the next photo to find out what products we are going to use.

Remove dirt from the floor

There are 4 products you need. We will use any floor disinfectant, alcohol, baby oil and vanilla essential oil . Using just these 4 products you probably have at home, we will create a truly effective floor cleaning solution.

Below, in the next paragraph, we will indicate the doses necessary to obtain an impeccable result. If you want to know more about this method to remove stains from floors and leave them shiny, just read on. Here are  the doses to put in the bucket .

A few drops and the ground says thank you

We have already indicated which products we are going to use but not the doses . First, take a bucket and pour 2 L of hot or  lukewarm water into it . Then pour in  two capfuls of floor disinfectant and 3 tablespoons of alcohol . Then add a  tablespoon  of baby oil and  a few drops of vanilla essential oil .

Thanks to the disinfectant and alcohol, the floor will be disinfected and perfectly clean. The oil will help make it brighter while the lavender essential oil will serve to make it smell and make your entire house feel cleaner like you’ve never felt before.

Floor cleaning

All you have to do is mop the floor with the mixture we created together . There is no flooring preference as it can be used over both wood and porcelain tiles. This does not create any problems on ceramics either. In short, you can’t miss it and the highlight is the smell.

In fact, if you don’t like the smell of vanilla, it may be best to switch essential oils. The smell of vanilla is very strong, especially when concentrated. Choose one that reflects your tastes so that the house does not take on an unpleasant odor for you. This way you will have   shiny, clean and fragrant floors .