Infinitely cool house with the ice method: you will never suffer from heat again

Cool your house with the ice method: you’ll never suffer from the heat again. And do you know him? If the answer to this question is “no,” just read on. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Due to the  very high temperatures  of the last few days, we are all looking for fresh air, especially at home. What to do if you don’t  have air conditioning  ? Here is the system to  freshen up your home without spending too much  : With  the ice method,  there are no more big bills at the end of the month.

High bills due to record temperatures

The kW price  is still quite high, although energy costs have decreased slightly compared to recent months. Expensive  bills  continue to be a serious problem for many Italians. Due to the high temperatures that force us  to run air conditioners and fans for hours,  it is difficult to manage the ever-increasing costs in the bill.

Heating and air conditioning

The latter in particular are  mainly responsible for the high bills  that arrive at the end of the month. It is not a good idea  to have air conditioners on all the time  , not only because of the  energy waste  caused by their operation, but also for  our health and the protection of the home.

Did you know that  running air conditioning for hours on end  can lead to mold and dampness in the home? Not to mention the real risk of  getting sick due to sudden temperature changes in the middle of summer.

The fan is more comfortable and convenient, both for your wallet and for your health,   although, as we have to admit,  it doesn’t cool as much as the air conditioning  . And if we told you that  the fan can come in handy to  cool your home in a short time, would you believe it? Here is  the ice cream method  that will change your life.

Fresh house with the ice method

The latest  weather forecasts  are not encouraging. Anyone hoping for fresh food to arrive will unfortunately be disappointed. After a  short break from the unbearable heat  , which lasts only a few hours,  record temperatures will return.

We will certainly never forget this hot summer. And how can you deal with it if not with the help of  air conditioning and fans  ? The former are the salvation for many. They  refresh your home quickly  , but also significantly increase  your bill costs  . The latter, on the other hand  , use less energy  but do not cool like air conditioning. At least that’s what many people think.

Fan to cope with the heat

What if we told you that the fan  can be your best ally in this hot summer?  Today we want  to talk to you about the ice method. If you don’t know it, you have to try it immediately.

All you need to do is  put very cold water or ice in a plastic bowl  and place it near the fan. Turn on this device at maximum power: you will see that thanks to the  power of its fans,  pleasant fresh air  is produced, which is quickly distributed throughout the house, taking advantage of the presence of cold water and/or ice.

Ice method to freshen up the house

With this simple and quick trick to put into practice,  you will no longer have to turn on the air conditioning  but still have  a cool home  without having to spend too much money.  But we would like to tell you another trick  that you can use on these excessively hot days.

Get  a plastic bottle  and make  holes in the top part of the bottle with the help of a cutter or scissors  . Then place this  on the back of the fan, secure it with wires or clamps and add  ice cubes  . Remember to  hermetically  close the bottle with the lid . Then turn on the fan and enjoy the coolness!