Is it better to dry your hands with paper or air dry?

Is it better to dry your hands with paper or air dry?  This is a topic that is not very popular at the moment. However, it deserves some deepening, especially in this time of a  pandemic  when hygiene is very important.

Washing your hands: a good habit that should never be neglected

Washing your hands is healthy  not only because of the  coronavirus  epidemic  , but above all to regularly   remove  germs  and  bacteriagesture  . According to the standard, systematic hand washing must  be carried out after every contact with all surfaces or objects used by everyone  .

At least  a bottle of disinfectant gel must be in your bag.  However, it is very important  to wash your hands after using public toilets . In fact, this place is particularly conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and germs. But the question that concerns most people is: What is the best way to dry your hands: with a dryer or with paper?

Is it better to dry your hands with paper or air dry?

According to studies from the University of Leeds in England,  hand dryers are a real “ventilator” for bacteria  . In fact, professional research and studies have focused on the gloves and gowns worn by patients.

Above all, the experts assessed all surfaces that came into contact with the patients’ hands. From this, they came to the conclusion that  the air coming out of the hand dryer just spreads the bacteria everywhere  .

Therefore, it is advisable  to make do with paper towels to dry your hands   . Without  a doubt, this is the healthiest  and  most practical alternative. The towel, which is also another drying solution, should also be avoided.

In fact,  bacteria and microbes accumulate in the towel.  It is very important that each user has their own towel to   avoid the exchange of microbes , even if they are harmless.