Is opening an umbrella at home bad luck?

Have you ever heard that opening an umbrella indoors can bring bad luck? It is a popular superstition. What is the origin of this strange belief?

Opening an umbrella at home brings bad luck: the origin of this belief

Although umbrellas were designed to protect against rain, they cannot be opened indoors, only outdoors. There are many theories about the origin of this superstition, which prohibits opening an umbrella at home.

In ancient Egypt, the god of the Sun was respected, so if you opened an umbrella at home, it was a sign of offense to the divinity.

In 18th century Victorian England, umbrellas were heavy and cumbersome accessories. If left open at home or in a small corner, they could be dangerous with their metal spokes. This precaution has become a real superstition over the years.

The belief has taken root that opening an umbrella at home can bring bad luck. Thus, when doing it inside the house, something bad can happen. But that is not all.

Opening an umbrella at home can attract ghosts and evil spirits, which in turn cause insomnia and other discomforts.

However, one person has attempted to mitigate this superstition by taming it once and for all.

Celebrating National Open Umbrella Day at home: the brilliant idea to overcome superstition

This celebration idea is from Thomas Knibb, who lives in Maryland (USA). In 2003, he came up with a practical strategy to overcome this curious belief about umbrellas.

He chose March 13 to celebrate National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day. It’s a strange but fun day when people are invited to open an umbrella at home.

Then they have to tell the story of the key events of the day. In other words, has opening an umbrella at home caused any misfortune?

It can be said that this day can have contradictory effects. If the goal is to demonstrate that opening an umbrella at home cannot have negative effects, the superstition may be reinforced if bad luck suddenly strikes after the action.