It will be this natural fertilizer that will fill your favorite plants with beautiful flowers.

Do you want to have plants always full of beautiful flowers? Then all you have to do is make this natural fertilizer with your own hands. Very few steps to obtain an extraordinary elixir that will give new life to your favorite plants.

Have your  favorite plants  stopped chasing their beautiful flowers? No problem! With this  natural fertilizer  you will have more beautiful and numerous plants. This is how you have to make it with just one ingredient.

Plants and flowering: why flowers don’t always bloom

Plants  are  like humans:  to survive, they need care and attention. Are you also a lover of these little green lungs? You will surely have several in your house.


For quite some time now, Italians in particular, more than other European peoples, have made homes  increasingly greener  : it is impossible to give up these little gems that not only ensure sufficient oxygen but also style and glamor to your home.

However, even if you take care of your plants meticulously, it sometimes happens that they find it  difficult to hunt flowers  . Why are plants often blocked in the flowering process?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. There are several elements that contribute to  blocking the flowering  of a plant. An example? Poor watering or exposing your little green jewel in environments not suitable for its growth.

Let’s focus for a moment on these two elements that we just mentioned. When it comes  to watering  , a trivial mistake is often made:  watering the plant more than necessary.

You must  know the soil  : if it is moist to the touch, it means that your plant is sufficiently hydrated; If, on the other hand, it seems dry, then you should proceed with watering.

As for the  placement of the plant  , you should also pay attention here. First you need to obtain  information about the species or variety  you are purchasing. Secondly, you should study its characteristics: does your plant need a humid or warm environment? Does it withstand low temperatures well or not?

Once you have answered these questions, you will see that your green jewel  will grow healthy and strong  and, above all, the flowering process will be unlocked. Sometimes, however, to ensure that your favorite plant catches its  beautiful flowers  , you can give it a hand: make this  natural fertilizer  . Your eyes will be amazed to see the extraordinary spectacle that your plant is capable of offering you.

Natural fertilizer for rapid flowering

We have just talked about a common problem that happens to almost all plants:  the absence of flowering  . Although with a few small tricks this problem is sometimes easily solved, in some cases our favorite plants need a hand.

flowering plants

So here is where  fertilizer  presents itself as the best solution. Don’t buy chemicals or artificials that end up undermining the health of your beautiful little green jewel.

You can make your own, a fertilizer, using a  magic ingredient  . Ready to discover how to make this elixir that will give new life to your plants? Then let us proceed immediately.

For our recipe, you only need to get the so-called  “warm hummus”  . Also known as  worm castings  , it is obtained from the organic matter expelled by worms, that is, it is an organic fertilizer derived from the decomposition of worm excrement.

How should you proceed? We’ll tell you right away. Get yourself a fairly large plastic container, into which you will pour  2 liters of water  . Add four tablespoons of warm hummus to the liquid  and begin to mix.

Worm castings are rich in nutrients such as  potassium, borium, magnesium and phosphorus  that will help your plant grow healthy and lush and, above all, produce beautiful flowers.

Once you have mixed the mixture well, all you have to do is  pour it into the soil of your plants. You will have thus created an organic fertilizer that will truly be a panacea for your green jewels.

Expert advice is to water your favorite plants with this fertilizer  once every 15 days  . If you only intend to water your plants with this natural fertilizer once, we already told you that it does not work.

The secret to ensuring rapid flowering, with the use of fertilizers, is consistency. Try using this technique for at least  three months in a row every 15 days  , we guarantee that the result will be extraordinary. Your plants will not stop  chasing colorful and beautiful flowers. Did you know this technique? With worm castings you will save your green jewels.