Learn how to clean and disinfect your refrigerator to keep it looking new with these tips

D-System fans will tell you this. For every household task that requires a chemical product, there is an ecological and economical solution.

Learn how to disinfect and clean your refrigerator with these quick and easy methods.

To easily clean your home, you need to have the right ingredients, which are often within easy reach of the kitchen.

To keep your refrigerator clean, you should know that you can clean your household appliance in no time with natural products.

The refrigerator, a bacterial cave:

The reason why it is important to clean this device is because it is one of the first devices where bacteria builds up.

And for good reason, in addition to the bad smells that can come from the refrigerator, food is also responsible for their spread.

Moisture can also discolor the walls and cause mold. Ultimately, this speeds up the decomposition of the food.

For this reason, it is important to disinfect this device regularly. There are essential ingredients for this task without the use of environmentally friendly chemicals.

  1. Backpulver
    Thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties, this powder is ideal for thoroughly cleaning your refrigerator.

With this tip you can reach even the deepest corners to neutralize unpleasant odors.

To do this, mix 30 grams of baking soda with two cups of lukewarm water.

Soak a microfiber cloth with this mixture and then wipe it over the previously emptied refrigerator.

Leave the preparation to work for 5 minutes and dry it with an absorbent cloth. Repeat this process every week.

If you have leftover baking soda, don’t throw it away. It can help you complete 25 everyday tasks.

  1. Lemon juice
    Endowed with antibacterial properties, the juice of this citrus fruit is ideal for this task.

It also has a brightening effect and leaves your fridge sparkling and clean.

The fruit of the lemon tree is also known to neutralize bad odors. If you want to benefit from it, mix two cups of lukewarm water and the juice of 3 lemons.

Fill a spray bottle with this solution and spray it on the walls and windows before wiping them down so everything is dry.

Please first remove the removable parts from the refrigerator.

For perfect results, perform this task up to twice a week.

  1. White vinegar
    White vinegar is an essential household ingredient.

And it would be wrong if you did without it for your device.

In fact, it is effective in removing grease but also in disinfecting the interior.

This technique requires a spray bottle into which you add a cup of this acid solution with lukewarm water. All you have to do is spray your refrigerator.

Allow the product to act for a few minutes and wipe it off with an absorbent cloth.

To prevent bacteria buildup, perform this ritual weekly.

  1. Olive oil and lemon
    These ingredients are surprising for stainless steel refrigerators.

Your advantage: you remove stains and protect sensitive materials at the same time.

Recipe :

4 tablespoons olive oil mixed with
3 tablespoons lemon juice.

Soak a cloth with this preparation and rub it into your device.

After 10 minutes of exposure, wipe off with a damp microfiber cloth.

How do I prevent bacteria in my refrigerator?

In order to prevent bad smells from occurring and thus the accumulation of bacteria, some measures are essential.

This includes packing and storing raw and cooked foods separately and knowing their shelf life.

Stretch film or airtight boxes are ideal for this.

Also, make sure you always set your device to a temperature low enough to slow the reproduction of microorganis