Learn how to unclog your house’s drains in less than 5 minutes with this trick

A clogged pipe can cause inconvenience and should therefore be treated quickly. In addition to the chemical unblockers sold on the market, some grandma’s tricks are more capable of overcoming the mess in the pipes. Discover with us how to achieve it easily with baking soda and white vinegar.

Pipe cleaning can be exhausting and even unpleasant. A clogged drain generates an overflow of sewage as well as nauseating odors that attack our senses. In question, the residue in the sink that facilitates the rise of odors.

Food, hair and other waste accumulate in the siphon and build a veritable nest of bacteria. Not to mention soaps and shampoos that can also induce bad odors due to their composition of fats and oils.

Various ingredients found in our kitchen have diverse and unexpected uses and can unclog drain pipes. This is the case with baking soda and white vinegar.Ezoic

Why these ingredients?

Eliminating bad odors, disinfecting, degreasing or even biodegradable, baking soda has many virtues  . It is composed of hydrogen carbonate and sodium and is used, among other things, in household maintenance and hygiene. A   study   has shown its effectiveness against certain bacteria and fungi. Just as it is part, according to a   study  , of natural products that allow all surfaces to be treated to be effectively disinfected.

As for white vinegar, it has antimicrobial activity in the same way as baking soda, thanks to the acetic acid that it contains. In addition to being less polluting than industrial products, it dissolves all dirt and disinfects the surfaces of the house.

The mixture of the two ingredients allows a complete abrasive reaction to be obtained that will dissolve the residues and grease in the pipes.Ezoic

How to use them for this purpose?

To do this you will need:

– 300 ml of white vinegar
– 100 g of baking soda
– 2 liters of hot water

In a container, bring water to a simmer. When the water starts to boil, add the white vinegar and let it boil for another 10 minutes.Ezoic

Pour the baking soda into the pipe to be unblocked and then add the vinegar water. Let this water act overnight. The next day, run hot water to remove any debris clogging the pipe.

To maintain your pipes, you can pour an entire bottle of white vinegar every month to prevent them from clogging.

Other tips to unclog the drain

– The suction cup

If water stagnates in the sink or basin, using the plunger is the first gesture used by most to make the flow of the pipes more fluid. For its use to be effective, it is necessary to make back and forth movements to remove the cork  .Ezoic

– The hanger

To do this, cut the end of a coat hanger and bend it to form a hook. Then insert into the pipe to remove existing dirt. Finish this operation by pouring hot water into the pipe.

– Unclog with dishwashing liquid

Grease is a major part of drain clogging. Dishwashing liquid is effective in this regard by dissolving grease that clogs your kitchen sink, sink, or even the toilet. To do this, pour about 5 cl of dishwashing liquid into the clogged pipe and then pour boiling water for greater efficiency.