Learn to plant tangerines to have unlimited at home

Tangerines, these small citrus fruits that fit in the palm of your hand, are recognized for their delicious and distinguished flavor. This food is an important reinforcement for our health, since it contains vitamins, especially vitamin C. The good news is that you can perfectly plant them yourself. That means, without harmful pesticides, following very simple guidelines. He went away.

First of all, it would be useful to remember how valuable this food is for strengthening our immune system and our body benefits from a true hydrating contribution. Let’s see together how to proceed to benefit from your own mandarin plantations.

The seedbed preparation process

  • You may   use seeds that you have previously washed   , but you can also buy some. For   the pot,   try to find a medium-sized one with a drainage opening. (Also know that thanks to pots  , it is possible to grow a large number of vegetables  )
  • At the bottom of the pot, place some stones and then some sand. This filling will allow   better air circulation.
  • Next, make your soil   rich in humus  . Consider components such as perlite, peat moss or fertilizer.
  • Water your soil and wait for it to reach   a suitable moisture level.  In any case, prevent it from getting soaked.
  • Carefully plant some seeds in your soil and then cover them with   potting soil  . An amount of one inch would be sufficient.
tangerine 1
Planting a tangerine tree will prevent you from buying it and will allow you to have a good amount in the long term while you save – Source: Meta Spoon
  • Apply   a clear plastic film   to your pot to maintain humidity (you can also put the pot in a plastic bag). The germination process will only be faster.
  • Be sure to place the jar   in a warm place  . So avoiding sunlight, just place the pot in a place where the temperature is high enough.
  • Regularly add a little water. The goal is for the soil to never be dry, but never soggy  . Count about 20 days before you notice the first sprouts.
  • When you see these first manifestations, you can now remove the plastic film and then place the pot in a bright area. This is not the same as exposing it to the sun.
  • The spring and harvest months will arrive when   fertilizer will have to be added   to the plant three times a month. Prefers a fertilizer in liquid form and composed of a good concentration of zinc, magnesium and iron.

Here are the steps. Over time, you will see a tree that will gradually grow. It will be more solid and provided with good foliage. When this happens, you will need   to provide a larger container   to transfer it.

You will continue to do the same as your tree grows in size and height. Of course,   you will keep in mind that it will need a level of humidity depending on its size  . Plus, if you live in a warm enough environment, you can plant your tree directly in your garden once the season arrives. Temperature is an important variant as can be observed with   the cultivation of strawberries.

For maintenance,   you must remove withered and damaged branches  . When you pick your ripe citrus fruits, do so carefully. With a reasonable amount of willpower, you will manage to get beautiful, tasty tangerines while   saving money  .

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