Learn to reproduce geraniums endlessly with a simple twig

All plants  have their charm, but geraniums are special and add color to any space. We tell you  how to reproduce geraniums endlessly with just one twig  to fill your entire balcony with life or as a gift to your best friends.

These are outdoor seedlings that flower throughout the summer and are quite hardy. They need a lot of light to grow healthily, however, they cannot stand receiving direct sun or torrential rain.

Avoiding the risk with lime water or hard water is essential for the colors of your flowers  to remain bright and intense. From there on, you just need to add liquid fertilizer every 15 days and they will look beautiful.

How to Propagate Geraniums

How to reproduce geraniums endlessly with a simple twig

Geraniums could grow indoors when exposed to sunlight, however, they can generate a dense and energetically heavy atmosphere. When they are away from home, they have the ability to attract negative energy and transmute it without any problem.

And here’s how you can play them:

  • Choose the healthiest stem of the mother plant: its color should be greenish, without flowers and it should have at least 5 leaves. Cut the stem above a node, remove the lower leaves and place the cutting in a glass of water.
  • Now, in clay pots place equal parts of peat, earth and sand. Remove the mixture from the center and place the cut. Water the soil and make sure it is always slightly moist. In just 15 days, this new geranium will have its first roots.
reproduce geraniums with the stem

If you see that the plant has grown a lot and the pot is insufficient to continue developing, you can transplant it (preferably in spring). It’s a good idea to do this once a year.

There is no need to buy new plants, reproduce them at home.