Leave a dishwashing sponge in your freezer, what happens is unexpected

Why should we leave a dishwashing sponge in the freezer? Here is the secondary benefit that few people know about. 

Sponge in the freezer

We all know the classic dishwashing sponge, the yellow-green one, which consists of a soft side and an abrasive side. We often use it for washing and degreasing dishes, cleaning the bathroom or many other surfaces and objects. Its main purpose is generally cleaning. But there is another, completely unexpected way to use it. Let’s find out together.

The dishwashing sponge 

Yellow and green dish sponges  are very common and very versatile and can be found in virtually every kitchen. These sponges, used primarily in the kitchen for washing dishes, have a softer side, usually yellow, and a rougher side, green. There are also other colors and different shapes on the market, but  the composition always includes a larger, softer part and a thinner, rougher part  . Thanks to their structure, they are perfect for different types of cleaning, both in the kitchen and in other domestic and non-domestic environments.

dishwashing sponge

The soft side is ideal for gentle soaping and cleaning, while the rough side is particularly effective for removing stubborn dirt, for example from pots and pans. Essential for effective cleaning, these sponges are  a valuable tool for simplifying dishwashing and more  , especially when combined with soap or a degreaser. But like the many items that populate our homes, these sponges have an alternative use by putting them in the freezer.

Sponge in the freezer, an alternative solution

Why on earth would we put the dishwashing sponge in the freezer? Definitely not to achieve a better result when washing dishes. In fact,  for the use that we are going to make of it, it is advisable to use a new sponge  . Even if it is new, it is advisable to first wash it to soften it and, while we are at it, to disinfect it thoroughly. Once this is done, get an airtight food bag and place the sponge in it, which you can then put in the freezer.
Depending on the cooling time of your device  , in a short time you will have transformed a simple dishwashing sponge into something really useful , i.e. a homemade “instant ice cream”, useful for both bruises and fever, or even for maintaining the temperature in the cooler.

Sponge instead of ice

In this way  we obtain a versatile and completely recyclable object  , since, unlike the cooling gels available on the market, the sponge can be “thawed” at any time to be used for washing dishes or cleaning surfaces or tiles at home. In addition, its small size makes it very convenient to store it in the freezer without limiting the space allotted for the food. And if we use the sponge with detergent when washing dishes, why don’t we put it in the fridge too?

Detergent in the freezer

Just like the sponge, dishwashing detergent is also very useful when frozen. It can always be easily poured into an airtight bag and then placed in the freezer to create an item very similar to bags of cooling gel. Also in this case we have a useful product for various needs that has much less impact on the environment around us.