Lemon slices under the bed, here’s why you should do it before you sleep

Placing lemon slices under the bed has benefits that not everyone knows about. Here’s what happens.

The lemon under the bed
On the tables of the Italians, they are always present at the end of the meal or even on the fruit displays as decoration. Of various colors and shapes, they make the table cheerful and lively with all their particularities.

Among the most common citrus fruits in our peninsula are lemons, and among the most famous and widespread are lemons, which have become such typical products of certain regions of Italy that they have been awarded the IGP label.

Lemon: why it is useful to sleep with slices under the bed
The most famous are those of the Amalfi Coast, that is, Sorrento and Positano, and it is no coincidence that in these regions the souvenirs and decorations often have lemon as their theme, precisely to accentuate the particularity of the lemon in question.

Lemon: what happens when you sleep with slices under the bed
This citrus fruit is used in cooking for various recipes, both sweet and savory. In fact, it goes well with almost any dish and its flavor, although acidic, goes well with the rest of the ingredients.

It is used to season roasts or fish, but also to flavor our cakes or be the main ingredient of one of these desserts, even combining with alcohol to create the famous Limoncello.

Lemon: what happens when you sleep with slices under the bed
In addition, it can become an excellent ally against bad odors. Indeed, thanks to the presence of its essential oils, when it is placed on a heat source, it only releases the essence of the lemon.

That is why it is advisable to put slices in the oven and open it after the device has been on for a few minutes, so that the smell spreads throughout the house without resorting to air fresheners.

What happens
But not everyone knows that putting lemon slices under the bed is beneficial for the whole body. Indeed, the citrus fruit in question tends to reduce stress and its smell seems to make anxiety disappear.

In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant, so it clears the nostrils and sinuses and captures bacteria, which will allow us to have a better and more peaceful sleep as well as healthy air to fall asleep.

However, care should be taken to change the lemon slices every night. Because even if it brings all these benefits, the sliced ​​lemon tends to capture the bacteria which will saturate our citrus fruit.

So, every night, it is good to put new slices of lemon in the saucer that we place under the bed or on the nightstand, which will benefit our psycho-physical well-being, giving us peaceful nights.

Just try this method to fall asleep in the arms of Morpheus, dreaming of beautiful moments in magnificent places and, why not, on the coasts of Campania where this citrus fruit is very famous.

For the smell to be more intense, it is advisable to cut lemons with a beautiful yellow color and shiny skin rather than limes or slightly damaged lemons.

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