Lemon, squeeze it over the bristles of the broom: you can’t imagine the results | Maybe I had thought about it first

Squeeze lemon onto the broom.

The lemon on the broom, an absolute rarity that makes anyone laugh at first sight. However, it is a trick that you will no longer be able to do without after trying it for the first time.

The lemon on the broom has a very specific reason, it manages to clean the floor in depth, eliminating any trace of dirt from both the brushes of the broom as of the ground itself.

Although it may seem unusual, passing the solution over the bristles of the broom guarantees a thorough cleaning of the entire floor . This way, you even reduce the number of times you are forced to vacuum your home.

Lemon on the bristles of the broom to clean the exterior

To clean the exterior, lemon is a true panacea because it allows you to thoroughly clean an area that we cannot clean very well using first the vacuum cleaner.

If you pass lemon juice over the bristles after each use, you will get an incredible result. First of all, lemon cleans and disinfects the bristles and this is something really important, that makes a difference  . Cleaning the floor, whether inside or outside, with a dirty broom is obviously counterproductive.

A clean and disinfected one with lemon also softens the bristles , this way the broom is easy to pass, cleaning becomes quick but at the same time functional.

How to rub lemon over broom bristles

To pass the lemon with the broom it is necessary to prepare a solution that is nothing less than miraculous. So, you take 3 lemons, squeeze the juice and pour it into a saucepan. It heats up for a few minutes.

Then you pour the juice directly onto the broom and let it air outside. Subsequently, the broom can be used on any floor , whether indoors or outdoors. Not only does it clean thoroughly, but it leaves the floor smelling great.

Citrus is a valid ally for all cleaning.

Lemon is useful not only if it is used to clean the broom brush. You can also squeeze it on other soft bristle brushes in the house, including those used for grooming dogs, cats and rabbits.

And then it can also be useful for descaling microwave ovens and baking trays . Pass the lemon juice directly on the place where the stains are present and let the mixture act. Then you use a brush or toothbrush, and with this you scratch gently. You will not need much effort but a light pressure, because only the lemon with its degreasing action will do the cleaning and eliminate the stains.

Clean cutting boards

Everyone has at least one cutting board at home, we all know how difficult it is to clean them well, especially the wooden ones . Food of any kind gets caught in the incisions that are inevitably created when using knives. Removing leftover food is the most difficult of all. Many think that the problem can be solved by putting them in the dishwasher, but this is wrong, just as it is wrong to wash them with soap and water, or leave them wet for too long because the wood will be ruined.

The optimal solution in this case is to wash with lemon juice. This is poured directly, but in small quantities, onto the cutting board. Or dampen a sponge or cloth with lemon juice. The juice disinfects the work surface extremely gently without damaging it .