Lemons because you freeze them all after you buy them: the surprising reason

Storing lemons in the freezer is an incredible grandma kitchen trick that many people do. Find out why by reading the article below.

frozen lemons

How many times have you  found overripe lemons  at the bottom of your refrigerator, on a kitchen cabinet, or in a drawer? With this method, something like this will never happen again.

Lemons, why should they freeze?

Lemons can go bad very quickly, especially if they are stored all together, i.e. very close together  .


All it takes is for it to start ripening and eventually it will get sick and mold will appear. And that’s a shame, because lemons are not only rich in health-promoting  vitamins,  especially vitamin C. That’s why it’s so important to keep them in the freezer,  because that way you can take them out and have them fresh whenever you need them. This is one of those simple tricks that could probably have come from a grandmother! It is ideal not to freeze whole lemons, but to cut them into pieces first. However, if you  want to make a tequila with salt, it is better to make nice wedges out of it.

Lemon slices

If not,  leave the lemon on the kitchen windowsill  or place it somewhere it gets some sun, be it the kitchen or living room window if necessary.

Eating frozen lemons: the benefits

Consuming lemons is not a walk in the park  as they are quite sour and therefore should not be considered a fruit to be consumed lightly. But consuming lemons has many benefits and many believe that  the heart of the lemon lies within  and that the juice of the queen of citrus fruits is the most important thing when we prepare natural remedies.

Popsicles with lemon pieces

However, this is not the case. Of course, the liquid inside is important, and of course it contains vitamin C and also the well-known antioxidants and limonoids of lemon. The outer part of the lemon  is actually the  most important and beneficial part  for our health. The part that the vast majority of people tend to throw away and completely waste. This is where the highest and most concentrated percentages of all the health benefits this fruit has to offer are found. The obviously clean lemon peel  has a force up to 5-10 times greater than all the juice that can be squeezed. Once frozen,  the taste of lemons changes  , making them easier to eat. The  acidity  gradually decreases and is restored only when the lemon is thawed.

Frozen lemon

Before putting the lemon in the freezer,  it is recommended to clean and wash it. This practice is widespread in many families. In addition,  the frozen shell tastes much tastier than the thawed one.