Lemons, if you grow them like this they will last all year: the very simple method

Using this specific method, you will no longer need to buy lemons. Here’s how to grow lemons in the best way, being able to use them all year round . By following the instructions given below, you will be able to grow lemons in the most suitable way. So that they last all year with a very simple method.

Lemons, the very simple method: what to do to benefit from lemons all year round
You often have the opportunity to grow lemons , but not everyone has the ability to make them last long. There is a very easy way to get a long-lasting harvest for the entire year . You will not find any difficulty in applying it, having sensational results!

The first step in these cases is to start making small incisions parallel to each other on the trunk of the plant .

lemon plant
These incisions will be used to lift and then remove the outer layer of wood , in order to reveal the underlying part.

However, this particular intervention must be carried out only on the front part of the trunk, while on the back part you will have to leave the external surface made of wood.

At this point it will be necessary to obtain a certain amount of special meat made from plants . An element that will be gradually crushed within a plasticized layer, making it perfectly compact. After that we will continue by going to wrap it around the torso of the lemon tree .

You will have to place it exactly so that it covers the embedded part and without the outer layer that forms the wood.

Crush it well and then cover everything with the plastic that contained the plant pulp.

Now all that remains is to close the bottom part perfectly, in order to contain this element inside the bag, thus preventing the substance from spilling.

Then, however, the same security closure will have to be made at the top, to keep the envelope perfectly closed around the trunk.

Finally, the entire central part must be wrapped in strong rope.

This is a very good way to make your lemons grow and last for a whole year , without unpleasant consequences and with excellent results.

Lemons, the very simple method: continuation of the procedure for the lemon tree
Once this home intervention has been carried out, you will have to leave the compound around the trunk of the lemon tree for a period of time that includes a couple of months.

Subsequently, the useful process must continue for an efficient useful life of the plant in question.

In fact, after these two months, it will be necessary to cut the trunk in question, to be exact below the point where you had wrapped the envelope two months before.

At this point you will reopen the envelope and inside the compound created by the plants you will immediately see that some kind of plant roots have formed .

Get a large pot and then fill it at the base with foliage and outer parts covering the coconut.

Then cover this base with soil and only after having carried out these steps, you can continue introducing the part of the trunk that you have previously cut.

The final part of the procedure.
Now it is important to go and cover all the roots created within the compound that you had wrapped around the exposed part of the trunk well with soil.

Then you will continue operations by covering the soil with rice bran .

rice bran
An ingredient that you will have to use in large quantities, to be able to cover the entire layer of soil placed inside the vase.

At this point you will also have to cover this layer of rice bran with soil, until you reach the edge of the pot.

After doing all these steps, you can water the soil surrounding the underlying part of the plant.

Now you can continue with the final stages of the method, thus moving on to cutting the branches and leaves , to allow the plant to take root in the best way.

After 2 and a half months you will notice that the roots are visible even at the base of the soil. Then take some pieces of onion that you will need for proper flowering development .

With these pieces you will have to cover the entire outer layer of soil inside the pot.

Then cover the onions with a lot of soil, proceeding to water the soil abundantly.

After 3 and a half months from this phase, you will find your plant in full bloom . From now on, after 5 months , you will see that the plant will be filled with lemons that are still green, but that little by little will change this color to an intense yellow.

Next, cut the leaves that cover the lemons and, when you can pick them, you’d better use suitable scissors to cut them from the plant and place them in a basket.

Here we have come to the end of a surely foolproof method to make the lemon tree last all year, keeping it strong and full of lemons.

Lemon: its properties
Surely having lemons available is a great added value since we are talking about very useful citrus fruits that can help us in several things. Clean our house, take care of our beauty and be able to have a good diet.

For example, we can drink water and lemon in the morning, since this facilitates various functions, thus promoting good cholesterol that can protect our blood circulation.

And then we cannot forget the cleansing effect of lemon to combat cellulite.

If we talk about cooking, we can use lemon for various recipes, from cakes to scallops. In short, in this sense lomone can be a true friend for our palate.

Let’s not forget that you can also use lemon peel, but in this case you should use lemons that are not treated through the use of preservatives. In short, being able to grow lemons according to this method is something you will no longer be able to do without.