Like having softer towels, whiter clothes scented with vinegar

Doing laundry is one of the most boring and time-consuming household chores, but also one of those that requires greater attention, since we certainly don’t want to damage our favorite items.

Having perfect laundry is important not only to eliminate stains from clothes, but also to avoid ruining them and extending their useful life.

Fortunately, there is a natural ingredient which, in addition to being safe, is very useful in many different ways in the laundry sector: below we suggest all the benefits of vinegar for doing laundry.

Boost your detergent
Adding 100 ml of vinegar to the wash cycle increases the effectiveness of the detergent.

Vinegar has the ability to penetrate the fibers of the fabric to remove dirt and protect the material. It also helps to make colors more vibrant.

Natural softener
Vinegar has all the properties of an industrial laundry softener, but without all the chemicals that the latter contains.

Pour a small amount of vinegar into the fabric softener basket of your washing machine: contrary to what you might think, vinegar leaves a wonderful aroma on your laundry.

Remove sweat stains
The acidic properties of vinegar help eliminate sweat and deodorant stains that settle under T-shirts and shirts.

Immerse the clothes in a bucket full of warm water and add a glass of vinegar, then wash as normal.

Powder detergent residues
Residues from powder detergents accumulate both among the fibers of the fabrics and in the washing machine.

To prevent this from happening, add 150ml of vinegar to your machine wash cycle.

Neutralizes odors
Adding vinegar to washing our clothes will help us neutralize bad odors of any kind.

Don’t worry, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar, on the contrary, they will have a very pleasant delicate smell.

Eliminates tough stains
Fill a bucket with warm water and pour in 250ml of white vinegar.

Immerse the stained clothes in the solution and let it rest overnight, the next day wash the garment as normal. The stains will come out very easily.

Lint and animal hair
Some fabrics are inappropriate to wear when we play with our dear pets.

When this happens, wash your clothes with white vinegar to remove lint and animal hair.

Softer towels
Using industrial fabric softeners on towels makes the fabric rough and hard.

Vinegar, on the other hand, perfumes and disinfects towels, making them very soft.